United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation ~ System

In the past and especially in recent times the United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation, some of its members and more specifically myself have been approached by martial artist of various backgrounds as an attempt to create a venue by which they themselves or members of their school would be able to acquire grade in the martial arts.
Let it be clear, unless you are a member of the UKKJJF (and this is only by invitation) you will not be eligible for testing or grade advancement.   This is a very strict policy. The UKKJJF is only in existance to supply a place for like-minded martial artist to share their skills and train together. Most of these martial artist would not be able to adhere to our strict standards.
I have included a copy of the 1st ammendement to our Charter created in 1977.  In it outlines a grading structure.  Note that all hours listed are to be in addition to those of the previous grade.  In actuality the UKKJJF favors a non-grade structure with a heavy emphasis on training.

UKKJJF Charter pg. 36UKKJJF Charter pg. 37UKKJJF Charter pg. 38

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