United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation ~ Homepage

The United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation was established in 1977 by John A. Savage as a way in which to preserve the teachings of his first teacher Warren F. Parker Sensei and of his father Douglas A. Savage Sr. so that by means of hard work and dedication the best of Jujutsu could be achieved.

The origional inception began as merely an idea but soon evolved into a way that Martial Artists of varied backgrounds could come together and share ideas freely in order to develop themselves completely as Martial Artists.

This site is dedicated to the propagation of the concepts gathered, systematic structuring of these concepts and their application to the Martial Arts.  We hope that information found here will be of value to those entering this site

~ John A. Savage Sensei, Founder/President of the United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation

contact:   john@kyushinryu.net