The UKKJJF is often asked questions pertaining to aspects of the systems making up the curriculum of the UKKJJF as well as questions about our instructors and members. As of July 2010 we will use this page to answer some of the questions we receive and as a forum in which to discuss subject matter of interest to the martial arts community. Input will be controlled by the discretion of Mr. John Savage.


July 14, 2010

One of the most commonly asked questions deals with BJJ, similarities to, do we teach or how our system would do against.

Right up front the first thing to say is that NO we do not teach BJJ. Although we have many members who have dabbled with, competed in, are ranked in or outright do teach a curriculum, let it be known that we make no claims to a BJJ curriculum of any type. The mother JJ system in this federation is Kyushinryu Jujutsu which as the system we learned was always taught in a classical method with classical technique. The JJ being taught currently within the federation is "modernized" and has an emphasis on modern combat.

As far as a comparison with BJJ and what is taught in our curriculum I would have to say that the JJ taught through the UKKJJF has nothing to do with sport. As to the effectiveness of the techniques, this would always have to do with how "trained" the techniques are in the situations they are designed to be applied toward.

Note on effectiveness of technique:

A technique only becomes useful and effective when it has been internalized. The only way to internalize a technique is by practice and exhaustive repetition in scenarios for which it is designed. The core of any technique must be strong. A strong core requires many hours of training above and beyond any individual technique. Any weak spot in an individuals training will come out in the execution of technique.